A goal I set for myself in 2017 was to submit projects for publication.  I was fortunate to have several cards published in Take Ten and Stampers Sampler!

First was Stampers Sampler Winter 2017 with this cute Thanksgiving card.

What they did not feature is how fun this looks as an easel card!

Next up was a THREE-PAGE spread in Take Ten Winter 2017.  I was over the moon ecstatic!

I also had a fun Halloween card in the same issue.

Take Ten Spring 2018 held another surprise, one of the set I had sent in earlier made the cut for this issue.

There was a time when I had plenty of time to play with paper, stamps, inks and more.  Early on in my stamping journey I was published in two different magazines.

The Vamp Stamp News published a fun layered Dandy Lion card in June of 1997  Part of the fun of this card is that my maiden name was Lyon!

My archive copy of Dandy Lions

Somerset Studios published Celestial Flight in Nov/Dec of 1997.  I have collected angels since college and of course angel stamps would be no exception.

My card is in the lower left hand corner.

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