Friday, September 12, 2014

Color Swatches V2

Still getting a handle on this blogging thing!  Lost this post so here it is again.  

I have been a crafter for most of my life . . . taught well by my mother!  I still have the little reindeer made from an egg carton that I must have made as a 3 or 4 year old.   

So needless to say I have about 4 decades worth of crafting, stamping, and scrapbooking products.  I am on a journey to organize my mixed-media supplies, alterable items, stamp supplies, scrapbooking supplies, etc.  I am fortunate enough to have a 12’ x 14’ room to call my own.  Right now it is under a major clean out and purge. 

 But for now I wanted to share how I have my inks, alcohol inks, mists, glitter, flock, Stickles, Radiant Pearls, paper paints, metallic rub-ons, etc organized for easy selection.

There are a few types of media that it is best to apply to a separate card stock and then punch a shape to adhere to the color swatch sheet.  Alcohol inks, glimmer sprays, Radiant Pearls, and metallic rub-ons are just a few.

The beads, mini mosaics, Diamond dust, flock, and glitter are all applied using Art Glitter Glue.  

I started with basic categories along the left column, and discovered as I went through my inventory that I had many more items to add than the categories listed.

I labeled everything in pencil—which does not run. 

I used the basic ROYGBIV (well actually Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) order, and added Pink, Black/White, Brown, and Metallic.   

Mine are two sided, I would suggest you stay with single sided color cards.

These are a close-ups of the blue and metallic sheets.  As you can see I had some bleed through towards the bottom.  By that time I was too far into the process to start over, oops!

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