Saturday, November 15, 2014

Buccaneer North American Championships Acrylic Album

This summer our family spent a wonderful week in Summit County Colorado at America’s highest elevation Yacht Club at Lake Dillon (elevation 9, 017 ft).  If you know Summit County, you will recognize that it is the home to many ski resorts just through the tunnel from Denver.  Mountains and incredible scenery surrounded the lake as well as view of two ski resorts.  The water was cold, 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the weather was variable to say the least!  I am very proud of my 15-year-old son as he joined his dad crewing on the Mandy Lu at the BNAC 2014 Regatta.  It was his 3rd-7th day sailing.  My DH is an accomplished sailor and skipper and my son had a wonderful teacher and a great experience.  My younger son and I enjoyed kayaking and bike riding while Dad and brother were on the water.  This is the huge project I have been working on over the last month.  Even if you do not read through the entire post, if you like making acrylic albums you might find a few good tips.  If you just want to see photos of each page, click on the first photo and you can look through the album.  Supply list is at the end of the post.  Enjoy!  
Beginning Hints:
1.     When working with acrylic albums it is important to prepare embellishments for both sides before the final assembly of each side of the sheet.  Mirror or center to frame the opposite side of the sheet before adhering.
2.     Album is assembled and adhered using Tombow Extreme Permanent Adhesive unless specified other wise.
3.     Any step involving StazOn ink or irResistibles Color Texture Spray will require drying time to avoid smearing the ink.
4.     All the photos are edged in StazOn inks, which works great on a photo!
Cover aka Page One

1.     I tried stamping the rope image with out StazOn Cotton White dabbed around edges first and was not satisfied with the results.  So plan 2 included the StazOn opaque ink to help the rope image show up better.
2.     I had a little fun with Vertigo by pressure embossing with Cuttlebug Animal Print Spots.  The StazOn Blue Hawaii to inked raised areas to bring on the dimension.
3.     Radiant Neon Electric Pink sponged around the mat matched the spinnacker.

4.     The album cover was a handy pattern to trace the shape of the point onto the Vertigo piece with a sharpie pen and cut with scissors ¼” inside the line.
5.     By now the StazOn Cotton White was dry so next step is to stamp Technique Tuesday Borderline Space & Time rope image in Cactus Green around the edges.  An old trick to miter the corner or point is to use scrap paper to miter as shown.
Page Two

1.     Spritz white card stock with irResistible Dandelion.
2.     Crop photo to 3" x 2" and white card stock to 3" x 1".  Ink edges of both with StazOn Cactus Green.
3.     Stamp Technique Tuesday Game On "Road Trip" in StazOn Cactus Green directly on the photo, which will not work with other non-permanent inks.
4.     Journal in Memento Bamboo Leaves.
5.     Now it is time to assemble cover and page two and adhere.
Page Three

1.     Stamp My Minds Eye Laundry Lint Coastal Authentic star image in StazOn Blue Hawaii over the star on the album page.  Take care as the acrylic album is slippery and it is easy to smear the ink while stamping.
2.     Trim white card stock and use a soft rubber brayer or a small hardware store foam paint roller to ink with Radiant Neon Electric Blue to a light shade.  This seems to give a more even color.  Crumple a small section of aluminum foil and apply Radiant Neon Electric Pink around the edges.  Adhere photo and journal in Bahama Blue.
3.     Die cut medium Sizzix Star #2 from Darice green Foamies and ink with StazOn Cactus Green.  (Sizes of stars range in size from large, medium, small, and petite)  Ink with StazOn Cactus Green.
4.     I like to cut extras that might work later in the album, so I die cut the following stars from Vertigo: 1 medium, 2 smalls, and 2 petites.  The remaining stars will be used on page 12 of the album
Page Four

1.     Trim Kraft card stock and spritz with irResistibles Wedding White followed by Dandelion.  Overlaying the colors allows the Dandelion color to have more pop on the Kraft card stock.  I tried both ways, and Dandelion on Kraft just doesn’t work well!

2.     I die cut 8 Sizzlets Tag Set-tags from Kraft card stock.  The remaining tags will be used for journaling throughout the album.  Ink the edges of each tag with Radiant Neon Electric Blue and lightly distress tag by inking with crumpled aluminum foil.  Cut Darice #10 Hemp Cord to 4" lengths and loop through hole in tag.  Journaling is done in Bahama Blue.
3.     Assemble pages three and four.  Adhere Foamies green star over stamped star image using Xyron X permanent adhesive on page three.  Complete adhesive coverage of element conceals the adhesive through the acrylic sheet, something I learned by working with vellum.  Adhere Vertigo small star on page four.
Page Five

1.     Time to play with The Crafters Workshop Punchinella stars section stencil, place it over acrylic page and ink with ink blushers.  Start with StazOn Cactus Green and fade to Blue Hawaii and back to Cactus Green.

2.     Trim white card stock to 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".  Sponge roller Radiant Neon Electric Blue onto both sides of the card stock.  Pressure emboss with Cuttlebug Wood Grain embossing folder.  On one side use direct to paper inking with StazOn Blue Hawaii to highlight raised areas.  On the reverse ink with StazOn Cactus Green.  This will serve as a frame on both sides of the acrylic sheet.
3.     Crop photo to 4" x 4" and ink with StazOn Blue Hawaii.
4.     Cut Darice blue Foamies to 3 7/8" x 3 7/8".  Trim to a three- sided frame leaving 1/2" frame.  Adhere to the back of the photo to create a pocket as shown.  I chose to use Foamies over dimensional foam squares because it is colored and will match the album better.

5.     Cut Vertigo with scissors to make a 4 1/2" x 2 7/8" tag.  Use a tag as a pattern to shape leading corners.  Punch the center hole with a Cropadile tool.  Ink edges with StazOn Cactus green.  Loop Darice #20 Hemp cord through the hole.
6.     Trim two pieces of white card to fit the tag, 3 1/4" x 2 1/8”.  Sponge roller Radiant Neon Electric Blue and stamp Technique Tuesday Code Grid in StazOn Cactus Green.  Journal in Memento Bahama Blue.  Adhere to Vertigo tag.  The tag still needed something so stamp Technique Tuesday Borderlines Space & Time stars images along the leading edge.
Page Six

1.     Crop photo to 4" x4" and ink edges with StazOn Blue Hawaii.
2.     Assembly:  adhere Wood Grain embossed piece to page six taking care that the adhesive is applied inside of a 4" x 4" square, at least 3/8" from the edge.  When page five photo is centered over the frame the adhesive is hidden.   Adhere photo with hidden Foamies frame to page five to create a pocket for the Vertigo tag.
Page Seven

1.     Stamp SEI En Route compass twice in StazOn Cactus Green on white card stock.  Sponge roller Radiant Neon Electric Blue over stamped images and die cut with Spellbinders Standard Circles Large die that is slightly larger than image; hold die in place with removable tape.  Die cut two Darice blue Foamies with the same size die.

2.     Use an ink blusher and Clear Scraps 6" x 6" Spiral stencil to ink acrylic sheet with StazOn Blue Hawaii.  Position spiral on arrow section by placing die cut compass in desired position. 
3.     Use an ink blusher to tap StazOn Cotton White onto Studio Calico sailboat.

4.     Trim white card stock to 6" x 4 1/2" and sponge roller Radiant Neon Electric Pink.  Apply Radiant Neon Electric Blue directly to the flat side with indentations of the Cuttlebug Basket Weave embossing folder and pressure emboss.  (Polka Dot is shown.)  Direct to paper ink the raised area of Basket Weave with StazOn Cactus Green.

5.     Cut three pieces Vertigo to 2 1/2" x 4 1/4".  Miter corners with scissors and punch center holes with Cropadile tool.  Ink edges with StazOn Cactus Green.
6.     Cut green Foamie to 5 7/8" x 4 3/8" and make a three-sided frame to back Basket Weave card stock.  Cut 6" x 1/2" piece of Vertigo to reinforce the open edge of the frame.  Adhere both to the back of the Basket Weave.
7.     Crop photo to 5 1/2" x 4" and ink edges with StazOn Blue Hawaii.
8.     Crop 6 photos for tags to 2" x 3" and ink edges with StazOn Blue Hawaii.  Trim Kraft card stock into 2" x 1/2" journal strips and ink with StazOn Blue Hawaii and journal with Memento Bahama Blue.  Adhere photos and journal strips to Vertigo tags.  Loop Darice #10 Hemp Cord through holes.
Page Eight

1.     Trim white card stock to 6" x 4 1/2" and sponge roller with Radiant Neon Electric Pink.  Apply Radiant Neon Electric Blue directly to the flat side with indentations of the Cuttlebug Polka Dots embossing folder and pressure emboss.  Direct to paper ink the raised dots with StazOn Cactus Green.
2.     Crop photo to 5 1/2" x 4" and ink with StazOn Blue Hawaii.
3.     Assemble pages seven and eight and adhere.
Page Nine

1.     Ink acrylic sheet with Clear Scraps 12 x 12 Spiral Dots stencil, ink blushers and a mixture of StazOn Cactus Green and Blue Hawaii.

2.     Crop three photos to 3" x 2" and ink edges with StazOn Blue Hawaii. 
3.     Cut four pieces of Vertigo to 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" and ink edges with StazOn Cactus Green.
4.     Die cut one white cardstock and one Vertigo arrow from Project Life Die Cut set and ink edges and with ink blusher and Radiant Neon Electric Blue.  Vertigo arrow will be used on page 12.
5.     Trim white card stock to 2" x 8" and sponge roller Radiant Neon Electric Blue on both sides.  Score at 2", 4", and 6" and accordion fold to train folds.  Stamp Technique Tuesday Code Grid in StazOn Cactus Green on five sections; the first is the top block on one side the remaining four on the reverse.  Journal in Memento Bahama Blue.  Fold journal section and adhere to form 2 pages that flip up to reveal the hidden journaling.  I had a lot to say on this page!
6.     Ink edges of both sides of an Imagine Craft Large Oval tag with StazOn Blue Hawaii.  Complete in several stages to avoid smearing the ink.  Stamp Technique Tuesday Game On “EXTREME” image on both sides.
Page Ten

1.     Trim white card stock to 7" x 5" and sponge roller with Radiant Neon Electric Orange.  Apply Radiant Neon Electric Blue directly to the flat side with indentations of the Cuttlebug Basket Weave embossing folder and pressure emboss. 
2.     Crop photo to 3 1/2" x 3 1/2 and ink with StazOn Blue Hawaii. Trim white card stock to 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" and use an ink blusher to ink edges with Radiant Neon Electric Orange.
3.     Trim white card stock to 3 3/4" x 2 1/4" and sponge roller with Radiant Neon Electric Orange.  Stamp with Technique Tuesday Code grid and StazOn Cactus Green.  Journal with Memento Bamboo Leaves.
4.     Lay page ten’s mat on table and center page nine photos/journaling block with Vertigo mats and adhere.  Flip the acrylic sheet over and adhere the mat for page ten by hiding the adhesive behind the page nine photos.  Cut an 8" length of Darice #20 Hemp Cord and loop through the Imagine Crafts oval tag and secure with a sailing knot (this one tied by my DH) around acrylic sheet.  Adhere photo and journaling block.

Page Eleven and Twelve

1.     Custom lettering stencil:  run a strip of vellum through a temporary adhesive Xyron X and die cut selected letters/numbers/shapes.  (Quickutz Classic Frankie font was used for this title, Pirate’s Saber for the emblem.)   The Pirate’s Saber was cut twice, the second cut made on the reverse side to reverse the image as shown.  Place die cut letters/numbers/shapes in desired position on acrylic sheet.  Place outline and dams around letters/numbers/shapes in correct positions, trimming away excess with scissors.  Remove die cuts and ink with bullet tip Fantastix in StazOn Blue Hawaii.

2.     Replace die cuts after ink has dried and ink through The Crafters Workshop Punchinella stencil with ink blushers.  Start with StazOn Cactus green over the title and fade to Blue Hawaii and back to Cactus Green. 
3.     Trim white card stock to 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" and spritz with irResistible Dandelion.
4.     Ink Vertigo stars and small arrow cut earlier with StazOn Cactus Green or Blue Hawaii.  When dry apply Xyron permanent adhesive to one side and Tombow Extreme Permanent adhesive to the other and adhere this side to positions on the back cover photo.  The Xyron permanent adhesive will help hold photo and mat in place and can be viewed through the back of the album.  

5.     Spritz the reverse side of white card stock with irResistibles Dandelion and place final photo.  Adhere to the front of the page so the photo will show through to the back.  The irResistible Dandelion will act as an adhesive for both the photo and to the acrylic sheet.
6.     Adhere photo to front.
Final assembly
1.     Add journal tags throughout album.
2.     Bind album with 1” book rings.
Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts:  Radiant Neon: Electric Blue, Electric Pink, Electric Orange; StazOn: Cactus Green, Blue Hawaii, Opaque Cotton White; irResistibles Color Texture Spray:  Wedding White, Dandelion; Vertigo; Memento Dual Markers:  Bamboo Leaves, Bahama Blue; Large Oval tag, Ink blushers, bullet tip Fantastix
Clear Scraps:  U Turn album, Stencils:  6 x 6 Spiral, 12 x 12 Spiral Dots.
The Crafters Workshop:  Punchinella Stencil
Cuttlebug:  machine and plates, metal shim; Embossing folders:  Animal Print Spots, Wood Grain, Polka Dots, Basket Weave.
Spellbinders:  Standard Circle Large. 
Quickutz:  Frankie Classic font, Pirate’s Saber
Sizzix:  Stars #2, Sizzlets Tag Set Small.
Project Life:  Arrow from die set.
Technique Tuesday:  Border Line Industry-Rope image; Border Line Space & Time-Star border; Game On-“Road Trip” and “Extreme”; Code Grid
My Minds Eye:  Laundry Lint Coastal Authentic-Star
SEI:  En Route-Compass
Studio Calico:  Wood Veneer Sailboat
Darice:  Hemp Cord #10, #20; Foamies:  Green, Blue
Misc:  White Card Stock, Kraft Card Stock, scissors, small foam paint roller or soft rubber brayer, aluminum foil, Sharpie fine point pen, tags for patterns, Cropadile punch tool, Tombow Extreme permanent adhesive, Xyron X permanent and repositionable adhesive, Thermo Web Zots 3D, removable painters tape, three 1” book rings

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  1. Neva, this is an amazing album, you have gone to a lot of work with this. And the blog post!! Great job!!

  2. Very nice job. Great idea embossing the Vertigo.

    1. Vertigo is lightweight enough to pressure emboss. It is fun!

  3. Wow Neva that is very nice, love how you've used the vertigo as an album

    1. Thank you Bridget, Vertigo was a great addition and added fun dimension.

  4. Hi Neva... I ♥ acrylics albums and they are a bit tricky when applying photos and embellies, so thank you for such a great tutorial and sooooo many wonderful tricks. I just purchased some Vertigo sheets so now I am inspired to make something with it. Your trip looked like so much fun and this album will definitely be treasured for a lifetime . Thank you for sharing and playing with us at Anything But A Card.

    1. Thank you Toni! I've made several and love the look when they are done. They do take some planning.

  5. Neva, that's amazing, loved all that stamping, and embossing with ink, and all the techniques that you used, it became a fabulous project! hugs, Ruth

    1. I was attempting several new to me techniques and challenged myself to make all my own patterned paper for this project. I think I succeeded! Thank you for looking!

  6. Fabulous album, so many beautiful and lovely details.
    Thank you for sharing at Allsorts;-))m

    1. It was fun to create and celebrate a fun event.

  7. What a fantastic project, I struggle with acetate! Thanks for joining us at creative fingers & sharing such a fab project.

    1. Acrylic albums DO take planning but the result is worth the effort!

  8. Fab album and lovely vibrant colours tkjhanks for joing Allsorts challenge. Good luck.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. This is a fabulous album, such a wonderful design and so many brilliant details.
    Thank you for joining us at Paper Creator for our Anything Goes Challenge.

    1. Thank you! I like to add little details that tie the album together.

  10. wow what a ton of work but the results are stunning. I can see why this would be one of your fav of 2014! Thanks so much for joining us this week at Artistic Inspirations for your favorite of 2014!


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