Sunday, April 12, 2015

Anything But a Card Fools Gold Challenge #46 Glittery Vase

Fools gold is Challenge #46 this month at Anything But a Card.  I really wanted to play with glitter and StazOn inks for this challenge.  What better way to play along than to create a piece of glittery gold home decor?  Starting with a repurposed small glass vase and a Mason Jar Lights find (from Big Lots) I ended up with a golden finished project.

At first I tried staining the entire vase with Tsukineko StazOn Gold ink with a sponge dauber.  But then decided to really go for broke with the glitter.  I created a curved masked line with painters tape around the vase.  Using what I had on hand, I painted the bottom half of the vase with Plaid Mod Podge Matte finish with a foam brush.  Working quickly I then sprinkled DeNami Designs Gold glitter over that bottom of the vase.  I have this great plastic tray with a funnel on one end that I have owned forever, it doesn't have a brand name so I can't remember where I got it.  It is great for glitter and small beads.  I also used an anti static pouf so I can collect the unused glitter.  I let the first coat dry thoroughly and then added a second coat because it was thin in a few spots.   After a dry time I used a Kryon gloss fixative spray to keep the glitter shiny and from falling off the surface.  To protect the glitter area while I worked on the top section I carefully wrapped it with paper.  I didn't want to get glitter everywhere!  

By now the creative process was going another direction, so I cleaned off the gold StazOn and sponged on Cactus Green.  Glass can be a forgiving surface to work on!  I used a small stamp to carefully stamp small butterflies around the top section of the vase.  It is tricky to stamp on a curved surface with a wood mounted stamp, but it can be done!  The top section was then sealed with GlazOn.  Even though the vase has been sealed it will be handled with care.

While running errands and making my once a quarter or so stop at Big Lots I found these cool Mason Jar Candle lights that would be a perfect complement to the glittery vase.  Staying simple I used Tsukineko StazOn Gold with a Unity Stamp Company star image from the Splatters & Stars – all boy.  With daffodils from my garden and gold charger plate to stage the golden project I was pleased.  I can see this on my summer outdoor patio table.  Even though it is now in the mid 40’s here right now, I am looking forward to spring and summer!  I guess the daffodils means spring is here.

A few little details
So create your own version of Fools Gold and come join the fun at Anything But a Card

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(I have the real thing!)
(Vase is recycled from under my kitchen cabinet)


  1. Love your project Neva and that "host of golden daffodils" are perfect too!

  2. Perfect repurposing gold project to show off the lovely daffodils, Neva!


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