Sunday, January 8, 2017

A place to put your to do list!

My first project of 2017 for Imagine as an Artist in Residence is live on the Imagine blog today! The New Year reminds us of goals we would like to set for ourselves each year.  One way to reach those goals is to break them done into little chunks, and a “To Do List” is a perfect way to get started.  I often make lists and sometimes they get lost on my counter, so I choose to make a 7” x 9 ½” mini-clipboard to secure my list.  The bright colors inspire me to get the items on the list done!  Stop by the Imagine blog and see how I created this handy clipboard!

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  1. Hi Neva - this is a great idea to remember things - I have to write a note these days to remember items to purchase at store, etc. But I have always been a list person! Thank for the win of the blog hop --- and for notifying me - I sent an email today - keep warm in all that SNOW --- I am sure we are going to get something fierce before winter ends - we usually do here in Michigan - I have been out of town visiting my sister who lives in Northern Michigan - we had Buffalo snow - which is very fluffy yesterday - it was so lovely coming down and very light to scrap off the card - have a blessed week! Thank you again!


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