Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Regal Purple Masquerade Mask

One of my favorite colors is purple, and with Halloween right around the corner I decided to make myself a fun Masquerade Mask to celebrate the season. You can totally customize the perfect mask for your Halloween party or to answer the door for Trick-or-Treaters  Check out the post on the Imagine Blog for this and other fun ideas!

Skill level: Advanced Time: 2hours
Step One:
Measure to determine the width needed for the mask and sketch the mask on scrap paper folded in half. Cut out the mask and eye holes and check for fit. Adjust as necessary, the crazy cross-eyed look is optional!

Step Two
Place pattern over thick fun foam and cut out with scissors and craft knife. 

Step Three:
Die cut embellishments.  The lace edging is die cut from white wool felt.  Wool felt is easily die cut and can be colored with All Purpose Ink.  Synthetic craft felt will not give the same results.  Embellishments are die cut from Snakeskin Vertigo, but any Vertigo will work well as the pieces are small enough only the iridescent effect is apparent.

Step Four:
Spread Creative Medium in Purple Iridescent over the surface of the mask and set aside to dry. 

Step Five:
Mix Ink Potion No.9 and All Purpose Ink in Thistle in a small spray bottle. I wanted my lace a dark purple so I added about 20 drops to the small bottle which was filled about quarter way with Ink Potion No. 9. 

Step Six
Spritz wool felt die cut lace and 48 inches of silk 1⁄4” ribbon with API mixture. I moved the felt and ribbon around on my work surface to soak up the API to obtain the dark Thistle color. Set aside to dry.

Step Seven
Adhere the wool felt lace with a glue dot type of adhesive. I used Therm O Web Zips Ultra Thin. Adhere jewel bling to the front of the Vertigo die cuts and adhere to the mask with glue dots behind the bling. Take care in the application as the glue dots will lift the dried Creative Medium from the fun foam if you try to move them after the first touch.

Step Eight
Mark and punch holes to apply an eyelete on each edge of the mask. Thread the ribbon through the holes to tie the mask into place.

·      Ink Potion No. 9
·      Vertigo
·      Craft mat
·      Palette Knife
·      Spray Bottle
·      Ink Dropper

·      Black Fun foam
·      White wool felt
·      White silk ribbon
·      Spellbinders Moroccan Accents, Moroccan Motifs
·      Various sizes of jewel bling
·      2 coordinating eyelets
·      Therm O Web Zip Ultra Thin
·      Glue dots

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  1. What a fun project! Your mask is gorgeous--so feminine!


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