Thursday, December 15, 2022

Vertigo Christmas Gift Box with StazOn Inks


Vertigo is a beautiful translucent material to use in creating projects, in today's tutorial there will be tips and hints to make your project shine!  The perfect ink for this box is StazOn,  and is the only ink that will dry on Vertigo and other plastics. 

 Skill:  Intermediate

Time:  1 hours


Vertigo can be cut with scissors OR with a simple die.  Complex dies do not work well with most plastics, vertigo included.  This particular box needed 8.5" by 5" section of Vertigo, 12" x 12" sheets can be purchased directly from Imagine Crafts website.  Recycled packaging may be substituted for Vertigo, however the results will not have the stunning effect the the patterns that Vertigo provides.   The Pebbles pattern of Vertigo was used for my box.

Step 2:


Place a few drops ink from StazOn Blazing Red inker on a plastic surface to use as a palette.  On the INSIDE  of the box use a cotton swab to color each of the pebbles from the center out.  A little goes a long way with the translucent colors. 

Step 3:

Metallic StazOn ink is slightly less translucent than the other colors.  To capture more shimmer apply a drop or two of StazOn Metallic Gold on the INSIDE of the box and move the ink with a cotton swab to color around the pebbles.

Step 4:

Continue to add StazOn Metallic Gold ink to cover the remaining areas of the inside of the box.  Set aside to dry, as the Metallic ink is a bit thicker and takes a longer to dry. 
Step 5:

The sentiment is stamped on the OUTSIDE of the box, keeping the interior of the box ink from lifting and to have the correct orientation.  Merry Christmas is stamped in StazOn Jet Black. 

Step 6:

Tear It! tape is perfect to hold the bottom of this gift box together.  Assemble box and determine the best placement for the Tear It! tape.  Unfold box and add Tear It! tape, my project called for five sections to hold the box in shape.

Remove Tear It! tape liner and assemble gift box.  Decorate with matching ribbon and fibers to close the top and keep your gift secure.

Art Supplies


Vertigo--Pebbles 12" x 12" sheet

StazOn Inkers--Blazing Red and Metallic Gold
StazOn Jet Black
Tear It! tape

Bakery Gift box die--Lifestyle Crafts

Cotton Swabs 

Sentiment--Christmas Blessings Taylored Expressions

Misc:  Gold Ric Rac and red fibers

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