Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Berlin Bound for Quick Quotes with a hidden journal panel

Good day Quick Quotes fans!  Neva here today to share with you a layout that tells one story AND includes a hidden story!  There are times when the story behind an event is not something to be shared with everyone who might sit down to look through your scrapbooks.  There are other times where it is an important part of the event, BUT you don’t want to make it the focus.  This layout is intended as the opening page for a trip my husband and I made to Germany in the spring of 2016.  You can glimpse the gist of the renewing the passport story in the following photos.  Suffice it to say, don’t let your passport be within 3 months of expiration and try to travel internationally!

I wanted the focus to be about the flights we took and the cool photo I had of the map projected to the seat-back screen.  What a great way to show the flight!

This is the layout with the hidden section extended that tells the behind the scene story that it took to get on our flights, a day late!

I designed the basic layout and determined the area I had available for an extendable pull tab section. I started with Far and Away 101 and trimmed it to 12” x 8 ½”, I wanted the plane section to be part of the layout without being covered by photos so I used an Exacto Knife and carefully cut around the nose section of the plane and part of the engines.  Next I used a mustard colored strip from Far and Away 105, and a quote from Far and Away 500 in the same color, as well as a quote from Far and Away 600.  All the elements were inked with Cool Grey.  With those embellishments selected, and the photos backed the Far and Away 104 (inked with Deep Sea) I was ready to start working on the hidden panel.

To create the hidden panel, I trimmed Far and Away 100 to 6 ½” x 8”.  After composing and designing my journaling in MS Word I printed a test copy to check for spacing and alignment.  (Truth be told I printed this one about 5 times because I wanted the journaling to align with the photo!)  Once satisfied I used temporary adhesive to adhere the Far and Away 101 to the test copy and printed it out.   I find that when the width is less than 8 ½" I get better results with this method and I avoid printer jams.

Using an envelope punch board, I punched notches 2 1/8” from each edge.

The remaining outside sections are trimmed away to create a perfect pull tab.  All the edges are inked in Powder Puff Chalking Ink in Cool grey. 

A second sheet of Far and Away 101 is the base of the layout.  I placed the slider 3” from the outside edge with the other side 4 ½” from the outside edge.  It is drawn in using a black marker for clarity, normally I use pencil.  An Exacto Knife and metal ruler is used to cut the slider.

Using an Exacto Knife and a ruler two notches ½” apart and centered at the bottom of the hidden panel.  As you can see my cuts are not precise but will work well. 

The slider is inserted through the notches and secured with an additional section of cardstock.  This also is adjusted to allow the hidden panel to not slide too far behind the main layout.  All the parts of the layout are adhered in to place.  The top edge of the pocket for the hidden panel is adhered to within ½” of the panel.   I did make a slight adjustment to the top of the slider as the panel needed to extend a bit farther.  It is better to make the slider longer AFTER the layout is put together as it is easier to make this correction than to make it shorter!

The title “Berlin Bound” is die cut from white cardstock that has been inked with Cool Gray.  This is a close-up of the title and selective trimming of the airplane to accommodate the edge of the photo. 

Now you are ready to create your own behind the scenes journaling hidden panel!  It takes a little planning ahead of time, but is a great way to add a fun element of surprise to a layout.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Quick Quotes Products
Far and Away 100, 101, 104
Powder Puff Chalking inks:  Deep Sea, Cool Gray


Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers

Star Mini font by Quickutz

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