Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT Wildflowers Layout

The photos that compose this layout were all shot around a campground near Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood here in Oregon.  I was taking a three-day ski instructor seminar and was camping as close to the ski area as possible.  After a morning of skiing I would walk the campground to limber my muscles and stretch.  While on my meanderings I came upon a number of wonderful wild flowers in the campground.  I was fortunate to find a Trillium, one of Oregon’s endangered species of flowers.  Also preserved is one of the butterflies that hatched while we were skiing.  There is something magical about skiing down a glacier with butterflies!  This one was captured on the grill of my car, so no butterflies were intentionally harmed.

Created in 1997

 I used a Deju Views alphabet template for the letter shapes and a Magic Matter to create the perfect mats for each letter.  The paper is from a Provo Craft Slab.

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  1. Creative way to take advantage of a unique opportunity!

    1. Even while hiking around I knew this would be a wonderful layout!


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