Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elegant Scarf for Anything But a Card Celestial Challenge

Scarves are all the fashion rage right now, and what better way to celebrate a Celestial theme by wearing a few of my favorite stamps?  This is an easy to recreate project, although it can be time consuming if you choose a large scarf like I did!

Supplies:  Tsukineko Versa Magic Cloud White, Spring Pansy, Sea Breeze, and Thatched Straw
DeNami Design stamps:  Angel (2) and flourish (2)
PSX stamp:  stars
Baking parchment paper, iron, and ironing board
Black Scarf:  Select a scarf that has fairly smooth surface and is a dense fabric.  Sheer fabrics will work but the stamped images are not as prominent.    


1.     Practice stamps on a black piece of card stock to get a sense of spacing.

2.     Iron the scarf to make surface even.  Place a pin to indicate the middle of the scarf.

3.     Prep the ironing board with a sheet of cooking parchment long enough to match the width of the scarf.  Pin in place to the ironing board.

4.     Start at the bottom edge of the scarf and work towards the middle.  Stamp largest images first.  Angels were stamped with Cloud White.  Flourishes were stamped with Spring Pansy and Sea Breeze.  Stars were stamped with Thatched Straw.  (Ink can be removed from the fabric with a baby wipe, if you make a mistake or the edge of the stamp inks the scarf.)

5.     Heat set the images in each work section as you go with the iron.  Place a sheet of cooking parchment over images to prevent smearing the ink or transferring ink to the iron.  Even with synthetic fabric, the iron may be on the higher setting, as the parchment will protect the fabric. 

6.     Once you have reached the middle reverse the scarf and repeat until the pattern meets in the middle of the scarf. 

Additional Comments: 
·      Most fabrics can be stamped on both sides without the image bleeding through to the other side.  If desired, repeat stamping images and heat setting the ink. 

·      This technique works best with bold line or solid style stamps that will hold the ink.  Fine lined stamps will not stamp well on the texture of the fabric.  Most scarves are made of synthetic materials and the ink will wash out if laundered. 

·      Locally I only have access to 4 colors of Memento Luxe.  I would like to try this technique using Memento Lux White, Dandelion, Bahama Blue, and Lilac Posies.  


Come and play along at Anything But a Card Challenge Blog.  


  1. This is gorgeous! I'll so be giving this a try, I love my scarves!

  2. Amazing - good for you for thinking outside the box!!

  3. Oh my goodness Neva... this is wonderful. I never thought to use the stamped images on material. What a wonderful idea !!!! This is gorgeous. Have fun wearing your new scarf !

    1. I wore my scarf today! It is perfect for early Christmas season events!

  4. This is beautiful! never imagined this was handmade!

  5. Time consuming is worth it. Such a beautiful end result x


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