Thursday, May 12, 2016

Get Organized for Imagine Crafts

My latest post at Imagine Crafts Blog is a way that I help keep my creative mojo flowing by visualizing what supplies I have on hand.

The challenge of organizing our supplies is a never ending dilemma!  Most seasoned crafters have accumulated so many fun products to work to play with on our project, we may forget what all is available at our fingertips unless we have a way to visualize our stash!  At times we may be stymied by color choice or product choice when getting started on a project.

To address both of these issues I decided to develop a color swatch chart for the products that are manufactured by Imagine Crafts.  It is a great way to track your inventory and help you know what new products you might need to add to your stash!  There are also additional spaces for your glitter, flocking, beads, and other media that may be in your collection.  At first glance it may seem time consuming to create the swatch cards, (and it is!), but their value will be quickly realized when your mojo is stuck and you glance through the swatch cards and are able to pick a new medium and technique to continue your project!  Check out all of the wonderful videos and tutorials that are available through the blog and Imagine Crafts website.  Be forewarned, this is not a project to tackle without allowing time to let swatches dry.  Take your time and enjoy going through your supplies and create color swatches that you will add to and use for years to come!

Stop by the Imagine Crafts Blog and read through the details of the tutorial.

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